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What we offer?

Homemade food

We have our own kitchen where we prepare the children's menu daily.

Lot of space

A spacious and safe space where children will enjoy learning.

Web cams

You can see your children at any time with total transparency.

About us

Looking for your children’s nursery? Of course you want the best. We from ESCOLETA NOVA want you to be sure your kids are going to be in a safe hands, They are going to be care, protected, motivated and as happy as possible.

We would like you to trust us because we want their happiness while they are playing. To reach this aim, we focus in the child’s main interest: THE FAMILY. To do that, we are going to establish a very close relationship between the family and the nursery.

- Feedback sessions: talking with the parents when they drop off and pick up their child

- Web page

- Reports, information sheets, panels…

As you can see, the family is one of the most important points in our curriculum. We know and understand the fact that parents spend many hours without their kids. For this reason, we want to make this time easier and beneficial for both of you.

- For your children in the way of they grow up to become adults.

- For the parents who trust us to let us take care of their children and who can see how their little ones, are more independent each days.

ESCOLETA NOVA is a very warm school, teachers create a friendly atmosphere to make the child feel great and happy in their “second” home, always very close to their “first” one.

We take care of the children’s needs: care, play, education, hygiene and security but we also take care of the parents needs.

We want to give facilities to parents such:

- Flexible hours adapted to them. Opening at 7:30 and closing at 19:30

- Possibility (not sure) to do babysitting Friday and Saturday from 21.00 to 9.00 next day. (inside the nursery)

- Web cam through parents can see the kids all day

- Competitive rates adapted to each case. (with the option of receiving external funding via administration)


 In order to establish a stronger relationship between family and nursery, we are going to make a place where we talk about interesting subjects for the parents: meals, becoming pre-schooler, baby massage…. Meals are important part in our curriculum and we always have one professional nutrionist to help us to do it.

We are abide by the law of child protection and our parents have to sign an authorisation if they want to have their children photos published. We want an innovative nursery, following Montessori, without plastic when possible when possible and with self-learning methodology. The child is the protagonist. A Froebelan nursery working with natural equipment and with Gardner’s MI theory. This mix of this three educational genius, will make this nursery UNIQUE, INTERESTING AND INNOVATIVE. We promise to do our activities different from other nurseries. For example: for us it is important to see the children becoming sociable with other children (younger and older) to taking responsibilities and making friendships. Every week we are going to do two practise with them

- On Monday, we will have story telling and games with puppets.

- On Friday we will have some cooking lessons.

Our equipment is very secure, comfortable and adequate to children’s needs. A great asset is our garden which is more than 100 m2 big and where children can do a lot of different games.

Of course our curriculum is trilingual: Spanish, Catalan and English. All the staff are fully qualified for that.

Guardería en Palma



Yes, children can stay for lunch, we make a daily menu based on home cooking.
We accept children between 0 and 3 years, you can ask us for other ages.
All teachers speak Spanish, Catalan and English.
Yes! We have secure webcams so you can see your kids at any time.


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